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Digital Tutors Understanding Perspective Drawing in Illustrator CS5 英文版 CD

We'll begin this process by taking some time to learn how to enable and configure our perspective grid. Next we'll learn some basic workflows for creating artwork with perspective and transforming objects in perspective. Once we are familiar with this process, we'll dive in and begin drawing our skyscraper concept based on a simple orthographic drawing. Throughout this process we'll learn how to precisely control the placement of perspective objects. We'll learn how to apply perspective to objects that don't fit on a perspective plane and we'll learn how to use several time saving features such as automatic plane positioning. After working through this series of lesson, you will have a good understanding of how perspective drawing in Illustrator works.

Lesson Outline (15 lessons)

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Enabling and defining the perspective grid
3. Manipulating the perspective grid
4. Perspective workflows and object transformations
5. Precision object placement and duplication
6. Automatic plane positioning
7. Beginning to create objects that don't fit on a plane
8. Continuing to create objects that don't fit on a plane
9. Creating the window of the front of our skyscraper
10. Creating objects on the back side of our skyscraper
11. Creating additional details for the skyscraper
12. Working with text and symbols in perspective
13. Beginning to add color to our artwork
14. Continuing to add color to our artwork
15. Finishing the color for our artwork