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Rhino 6 SR11 v6.11.18317.13431

Rhino 6 新功能
Rhino 6 最重要的開發目標是儘可能去除工作流當中的瓶頸,對此我們做了幾千個大大小小的改進,這使得 Rhino 可以處理更大的模型和團隊項目。

Rhino 可以創建、編輯、分析、提供、渲染、動畫與轉換 NURBS* 線條、曲面、實體與多邊形網格。不受精度、複雜、階數或是尺寸的限制。


不受約束的自由造形 3D 建模工具。以往您只能在二十至五十倍價格的同類型軟件中找到這些工具。讓您可以建立任何想像的造形。
精準性,完全符合設計、快速成形、工程、分析和製造從飛機到珠寶所需的精確度 。
容易使用. 非常容易學習使用,讓您可以專注於設計與想像而不必分心於軟件的操作上.
經濟實惠. 普通的硬件設備,容易上手,價格相當於一般的Windows軟件,並且不需額外的維護費用。
Rhino 6 beta version 6.x 
McNeel, a software development company with worldwide sales, support, and training, has released an updated Rhino 6 beta (version 6.4.18093.10341), is a CAD modeling software package that enables you to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

About Rhinoceros (Rhino). Rhinoceros (Rhino) is a stand-alone, NURBS-based 3-D modeling software, developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. The software is commonly used for industrial design, architecture, marine design, jewelry design,automotive design, CAD / CAM, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, product design as well as the multimedia and graphic design industries
Rhino specializes in free-form non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) modeling. Plug-ins developed by McNeel include Flamingo (raytrace rendering), Penguin (non-photorealistic rendering), Bongo, and Brazil (advanced rendering). Over 100 third-party plugins are also available. There are also rendering plug-ins for Maxwell Render, V-Ray, Thea and many other engines. Additional plugins for CAM and CNC milling are available as well, allowing for toolpathgeneration directly in Rhino.
Like many modeling applications, Rhino also features a scripting language, based on the Visual Basic language, and an SDK that allows reading and writing Rhino files directly. Rhinoceros 3d gained its popularity in architectural design in part because of the Grasshopper plug-in for computational design. Many new avant-garde architects are using parametric modeling tools, like Grasshopper.
Rhino's increasing popularity is based on its diversity, multi-disciplinary functions, low learning-curve, relatively low cost, and its ability to import and export over 30 file formats, which allows Rhino to act as a 'converter' tool between programs in a design workflow.

Rhino 6 SR11 version 6.11.18310.07201

About Robert McNeel & Associates. Robert McNeel & Associates designs and develops AutoCAD solutions. The company offers Rhinoceros, a freeform modeling tool; iRhino 3D, a platform that allows users to view native Rhino 3DM files on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch; Bubble, a free information assistant for AutoCAD users; DOSLib, a free LISP library of Windows and DOS functions; and openNURBS, a free C++ and .NET library. Robert McNeel & Associates was founded in 1980 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

Product: Rhino
Version: 6 beta version 6.x
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage(多國語言含簡體,繁體,英文等語言)
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer