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Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager 3.10.69-專業實用的安卓手機管理器
Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager 是一款專業實用的安卓手機管理器,輕鬆管理和控制Android上的一切,提供了足夠的功能來管理和控制來自計算機的Android設備上的所有內容,沒有任何限制。

Easily Manage and Control Everything on Android from Computer. To keep your Android device data safe, the most effective solution is to make a copy of your valuable data on computer. To manage your Android data as a Windows Explorer, the unexpected way is to control your Android phone via USB cable on your computer. Now Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager gives you enough ability to manage and control everything on Android device from your computer without any limitation.

- Ability to backup everything from Android device to computer without any loss.
- Organize Apps, download, install, uninstall and export apps quickly and easily.
- Freely edit contacts, message in the program and synchronize with your phone.
- Ability to set up new catologues on computer when exporting files from phones.
- You can instantly add multimedia files and enjoy media anytime, anywhere.
- You are free to choose the format of saving exported messages.

Backup & Restore Android Device Quickly and Easily
The "1-Click Backup & Restore" features make it easy to clone your phone data and keep them to a safe place. No matter what happened to your Android phone, you can get the original data.
Backup All Files from Android Phone to Your PC with a Click
* Maybe you want to keep your phone data safe or make a extra space for more files, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager give you full ability to backup anything from phone to PC, namely, contacts, SMS, apps, call logs, music, videos, photos, and calendar. You can connect your Android device to PC wirelessly with the help of Android mobile manager app.
Restore Your Backup Files to Your Android Phone
* After you backup Android Phone to computer, the format type of backup file will be unreadable. "Restore" feature can help you extract backup file to your Android phone and instantly syncs everything for Android Phone. If you mistakenly deleted your message, contacts or other files, then you can restore previous backup files and sync to your Phone. Moreover, this software offers a report whenever the system encounters a breakdown. It will automatically repair the problem of inability of some programs to access to the device.

Directly Export Message and Contacts from Android Phone
Directly Export Text Message to Computer
* In order to free your phone's memory and backup vital message, the program has embedded the "Message Export" function which can allow users to export their important text message to computer for backup. Export all message or export some message selectively to HTML or Text format as you want.
Directly Import or Export Phone Contacts from/to Computer
* The latest update has also added the Contact "Export" & "Import" feature to the program. With it, you can easily export all of your Android phone contacts like name, phone number, email, address, IM, website, Nickname, note, organization, etc. without any loss. The exported contacts can be saved as HTML or VCF format well. You can prioritize these files according to the date.
Directly Edit Message and Contacts on Computer
* Sometimes you received many message without a subject or with lots of unneeded text, I’d like to remove the large number of unneeded message and keep the rest of the important message. Just Click "Select" and "Deleted" to batch delete unwanted message or contacts. You can also perform more operation like: edit, add new, backup, etc.export sms

Whats New:
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