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Asset Manager 2019 Enterprise 3.1.1000.0 一個易於使用的數據庫,用於跟蹤公司資產記錄
Asset Manager是一個易於使用的數據庫,用於跟蹤公司資產記錄。界面提供熟悉的“Microsoft Outlook”外觀,許多用戶已經習慣了。Asset Manager提供了一個用於存儲和檢索資產記錄的中央存儲庫,使您可以快速查找有關特定資產或資產組的信息。通過掃瞄條形碼立即啟動記錄,向人員簽入或簽出資產。 Asset Manager旨在“開箱即用”,只需極少的配置。標準版設計用於單個工作站,而企業版允許多人同時共享和使用數據庫。Enterprise Edition版允許多人同時共享和使用數據庫。並可在幾分鐘內完成設置。

You can't afford the wasted time, effort, and cost of searching for and replacing lost or missing assets. With Asset Manager, you can track the assets you have, where they are, how much they cost, and more. You can use existing barcodes or create your own to check in and check out tools and equipment to employees. Never lose track of your assets again - with Asset Manager 2019, you can print barcode labels for your assets and check them in/out to employees. Attach Owner's Manuals, service logs, and more to maintain a complete history for each of your assets

When servicing an item, track the service instructions, tips and tricks, vendors, and contacts through your database. If the item needs to be serviced again, you will have all the information you need at hand. You can quickly locate the items using a barcode scanner or a quick search.

Asset Manager Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition of Asset Manager is designed to share a database on a network. In this version, the database resides on a shared network computer accessible to all the workstations on the network. This version allows for an unlimited number of computers to use Asset Manager, sharing the data located on the central database.

• Track an unlimited number of assets.
• Attach pictures, owner's manuals, and other files easily.
• Print barcodes for your assets, or use existing barcodes to identify your assets.
• Check items out to employees, and maintain a full history of ownership.
• Print and save asset reports in a variety of formats.
• Track related vendors and contacts.