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AudioLabel Cover Maker 光盤標籤設計打印軟件
AudioLabel Cover Maker是一款用於用於CD、DVD、藍光、LightScribe的光盤和盒子的標籤設計打印軟件,使用將為用戶提供豐富的功能和工具,您可以根據需要快速創建出專業的標籤,並且支持將您的圖像、照片和背景通過拖放來進行添加,軟件支持自動查找CD專輯信息,可與任何直接光盤打印機配合使用直接進行打印,並且具有完整的圖像格式,基本上流行的圖像格式都沒有問題,除此之外,還支持自動對標籤文本進行排列,這樣的話您會非常輕鬆,也可以根據需要對字體大小、字體、顏色、對齊等進行調整,您將擁有更多的而可能性。關於LightScribe光盤標籤,內置豐富的模板可供大家使用來快速創建LightScribe光盤。

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AudioLabel Cover Maker helps you design and print labels for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and LightScribe discs and cases. It's easy to use and includes powerful features to help you create professional labels. You can add images, photos, backgrounds with a simple drag and drop. Layout and arrange text quickly using the smart text editor. Automatically import your CD information and fill out the label in one step. Download the AudioLabel Trial Version and test drive the software free for 15 days.

Automatically Finds CD Album Information
AudioLabel CD Label Maker can recognize most CD's and fill out the label with one click. The Read CD feature finds album information (artist, title, and track list) by searching the Freedb internet database, or by reading CD-TEXT from the disc. The Freedb database is enormous and contains the album information for most store bought CDs. After the information is found, the text is automatically arranged on the disc label, front cover, and back cover. The Read CD feature can also read and label MP3 CDs using the ID3 tag and filename.

Use Any Brand of Label Paper
AudioLabel includes templates for most brands of label paper including Avery, CD Stomper, Data Becker, Memorex, Neato, PressIt, Staples, SureThing, and TDK. Regardless of your brand, the templates in AudioLabel are adjustable so even non-standard label paper can be used. The Edit Dimensions dialog (shown on the left) can be used to adjust the dimensions of an existing template, or create a new custom template.

Direct Disc Printing
AudioLabel works with any direct disc printer including Epson, Canon, and Hewlett Packard (HP). These printers can print directly on the surface of the disc without using label paper or sticker labels. Direct disc printers use special inkjet printable discs that have a white matte coating on the surface. Although inkjet printable discs may cost slightly more than traditional discs, printing directly on the disc has a major cost advantage since you don't have buy sticker labels separately. Other advantages include a faster one-step printing process that creates a thinner label that won't peal or wrinkle over time.

Full Image Support
Easily add images, photos, or backgrounds using the smart thumbnail viewer. The viewer supports many image formats and incorporates a simple drag and drop interface. Quickly explore images in any folder or use the search function to scan your computer for existing images. AudioLabel CD Label Software also includes a cool art gallery that will get you started right away. Aside from printing your label design, there are options to save your label as a high resolution image to share with friends, import into other programs, or give to commercial printers for high volume production.

LightScribe Disc Labeling
Creating LightScribe discs is a breeze using the built in LightScribe template. AudioLabel works seamlessly with any LightScribe enabled drive and it only takes a few clicks to have your design transferred on to a LightScribe disc. With LightScribe technology, the laser inside a LightScribe drive that burns a CD or DVD is also used to laser-etch a high quality design on the back of the disc. There is no printer involved, so you get ink-free labels that will not smudge, wear off, or peal.
Release Notes:

- New: Curved/Circular Text for all CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc labels. The curved text can face in or out from the disc center.
- New: Full rotation of text and images simply by using the mouse.
- New: Transparency adjustment for all images.
- New: Unicode support for displaying all international letters and characters (as of AudioLabel 6.0 Build 5 and later).
- New: New CD printer templates for Canon and Brother disc printers.
- Improved: Faster real-time movement of text and images when sizing or dragging.
- Improved: A thumbnail image is displayed when dragging images from the Image Toolbar.
Compatible with:
- Windows 10, Windows 8.1,
- Windows 8, Windows 7,
- Vista, XP
- All 32 bit and 64 bit editions.