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IDEA StatiCa v10.1.93 x64 一款建築設計軟件
IDEA StatiCa是專門為工程設計人員量身打造的一款建築設計軟件,該軟件不僅具有靈活高效的系統程序,而且在使用方面相當便捷,主要服務於鋼結構和混凝土,也是目前為止行業內最強大的,它可以有效的幫助結構工程師進行住宅、民用和工業結構設計,盡最大可能的通過減少結構缺陷的風險,降低建築構件的材料消耗.

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A lot of time has passed since the release of the first version of IDEA StatiCa Connection in 2014. At that time, the developers of the program presented a completely new approach to the calculation and design of joints of steel structures. The program is based on a unique tool - the Component Finite Element Method (KEME), thanks to which such a rapid growth in the popularity of IDEA StatiCa has become possible as the software that has become today the leader in the design and calculation of steel structure units. IDEA StatiCa was able to solve many problems associated with taking into account local effects arising from the calculation, and organically fit into the modern concept of BIM-design.

Based on the feedback of more than 2,000 customers worldwide, IDEA RS is constantly expanding the functionality of its software products, which allows you to significantly speed up the work process and improve the integration of IDEA StatiCa with third-party calculation and design applications (Tekla Structures, SAP2000, ETABS, Advance Steel, etc.)

The release of version 10 is very promising, as it aims to resolve a serious technical issue - calculation of nodes of steel structures for seismic effects. And this question should be solved not only for simple and template nodes, but for constructions with any topology loaded with arbitrary efforts. In this case, the process should take a few minutes. The new IDEA StatiCa Connection calculation mode for seismic effects was created precisely to eliminate the described difficulties that arise in every project around the world. Reliable and fast calculation of steel structures,

IDEA StatiCa 10 implements inspections of steel structure joints according to SP 16.13330.2017. Now you can check the ordinary and prestressed bolts and welds in accordance with Russian standards. Also, the new version adds design checks according to SP 16.13330.2017 for bolts and welds.

Russian assortments and steel grades have been added to the database of materials and sections according to tables B.3, B.4 and B.5 of the corresponding annex SP 16.13330.2017.
The new Capacity Design calculation mode replaces the current Member Capacity mode. Due to the high level of adaptability, the new calculation allows you to check nodes for any seismic area. In Capacity Design mode, a new assembly operation, Dissipative Element, is used, which defines the plates or elements to which the reinforcement coefficients will be assigned. The strain hardening coefficient can also be set here. The appearance of a plastic hinge can be described and analyzed. This calculation mode is available for all available standards (SP, EN, AISC, CISC, AS).

In IDEA StatiCa 10, a check of pipes for local deformations that often occur at their joints with each other has been added.

Close attention was paid to improving the work of BIM-bundles and the procedure for recognizing welds when importing from third-party applications. Now, in version 10.0, welds in the frame nodes that coincide in direction with the axis of the beam are transferred correctly.

Steel Member is a completely new application, which is also based on KMKE, as in IDEA StatiCa Connection, only it is used here on a large scale - with respect to whole beams, columns and frames

The program focuses on issues of linear stability and longitudinal-transverse bending of elements, taking into account the influence of real conditions of fastening of elements and their support. Engineers will be able to calculate stability in FEM programs in the usual way. IDEA StatiCa Steel Member allows for a more accurate assessment of complex and non-standard elements.

The IDEA StatiCa 10 software package includes a beta version of IDEA StatiCa Steel Member for the calculation and design of core elements (beams, columns, struts, etc.) to demonstrate the capabilities of the application.

Features and amenities IDEA StatiCa:

-To minimize the risk of structural defects
-Reduce the consumption of construction materials sectors / details of up to 30%
-Reduce the time spent on design and construction / Jzyylt to 50%
-Presentation Boxes Results for engineers, general contractors, construction investigating authorities
-Full details of the structural design, general and predefined cross-sectional shape into the shapes of DXF, perfect combination of ULS and SLS according to EN 1990
-Losses before Tndygy, balancing external loads, calculation of time, the construction of pre-defined
-Quick review or detailed analysis undertaken
-The exact calculation of non-linear deformation and leave with lingering effects
-Design according to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, SIA 262
-Working with the data model of MIDAS Civil and GEN, AxisVM, SCIA Engineer, RFEM, Nexis
-By importing data from external application interface FEA
-Updated segments after the change in program design, FEA

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 8.1, 10 64 bit
Display:Windows True Color display adapter with 1024x768 resolution
GPU:Single OpenGL 4.2 compatible graphics card with 8 GB RAM, up to 2560 x 1600 resolution
Note: Incorrect imaging may occur in the case of integrated graphics (INTEL chip)
Min:Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 / Recommendation: Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processor and compatible

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