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DS 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN Marketing Suite 2019x Refrersh1 x64 全球領先的3D⾼高性能虛擬現實實時可視化軟件
3DEXCITE DELTAGEN3DEXCITE DeltaGen是全球領先的3D高性能虛擬現實實時可視化軟件。能夠根據CAD數據輸入提供完整的、物理正確的實時模擬和工作流解決方案。它可以讓專業用戶將複雜的CAD數據用於高質量的實時可視化,並可實現模型實時交互、材質切換、工程分析檢測等多種控制方式,用戶可從任意角度觀看,並進行細微控制和調整。運用RTT實時3D仿真軟件,在產品設計開發階段,用戶可以更快捷直觀的實現設計評審,運用3DEXCITE軟件技術和整合優化的工作流程,用戶可以大大縮短於創作具有照片效果的虛擬內容的時間。同時采用同一數據源為汽車、飛機、消費品等各種產品從設計研發、裝配製造到市場銷售以及維護培訓等各個階段服務。同時,3DEXCITE DeltaGen還配備了不同的各式可選模塊,幫助客戶更靈活地應對工作需求。

The need for diverse and engaging digital marketing content has increased dramatically in recent years. Mobile technology, the proliferation of social media and VR/AR have all contributed to the number of diverse touch points that require captivating digital content.

We created the 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN MARKETING SUITE to answer this very need. Comprised of the software: 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN HUB, 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN ROBOT and 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN STAGE, the suite is a powerful, multi-channel, media creation pipeline. Artists can facilitate the preparation and enrichment of CAD data for ultimate use in marketing experiences that provide consumers with the content and personalization they crave.

Our suite was designed to simplify the digital workflow based on optimization and automation. It provides a seamless software experience that is capable of achieving the most ambitious marketing collateral to leverage across all touch points.

DELTAGEN ROBOT can import, convert, and prepare CAD or 3D PLM data from a wide-range of file formats while preserving metadata and model information. DELTAGEN ROBOT supports automated tasks like unwrapping and tessellation, making it the fastest and most efficient version of DELTAGEN. Managing product complexity is simplified; repetitive tasks are eliminated and updates are seamless. Tedious workflows are accelerated with streamlined processes and automation. Now, important product information is available even in the final stages of Marketing content development thanks to this lossless pipeline. DELTAGEN ROBOT comes packaged with DELTAGEN HUB, to provide a consistent, smart workflow for all digital marketing needs.

DELTAGEN HUB offers the seamless enrichment of CAD data with high-quality materials, textures and animation. After enrichment, the model can be ported through built-in gateways designed to connect to other software and game-engines. Further extending the functionaities for complete staging, scene animation and final rendering in preferred tools, 3DEXCITE has intorduced a refreshing approach to the digital workflow. Achieve stunning still images, movies, AR/VR experiences, animations and more. With DELTAGEN HUB, achieving a fully-configurable model using a customized pipeline built for efficiency, quality and connectivity, is easy, fast and fun.

While DELTAGEN ROBOT and HUB convert, prepare and preserve model data, DELTAGEN STAGE is the place to make it shine. The Marketing Master Model, both created and refined in DELTAGEN HUB, is brought to life in DELTAGEN STAGE. High-quality 2D/2.5D, imagery, movies, 360° stereo panoramas and variants are all available for final output. Physical-based rendering is available with our precise render engine, STELLAR. This feature boosts the quality of the final asset and makes the end-experience a visually stunning and convincing product interaction. The DELTAGEN Marketing Suite provides a complete visualization pipeline to activate the various channels that marketing campaigns utilize. Experiences change, but your pipeline shouldn’t.

Key Features:
Easy integration into various production pipelines and optimization potential of 20% – 50% (proofed by customers)
Highly automated
Massive Nurbs data handling
Full assembly support

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