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PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (ex Advanced Print Publisher) 12.0 自動排版佈局軟件
Arbortext Layout Developer 12破解版是一款由PTC發佈的自動排版佈局軟件,它會根據你編輯的內容自動生成適合的佈局。如果有特殊的要求,它還允許你進行反覆修改,不管排版難度有多高都可以實現。

PTC Arbortext Layout Developer(以前為Advanced Print Publisher)可在不犧牲質量的情況下自動發佈複雜的文檔。一流的印刷功能以及強大的自動化工具使用戶可以在服務器桌面環境中創建DTP質量輸出。全局語言支持允許從單個模板進行多語言格式設置,從而降低了生產成本。交互式微調使內容和美學變化可以在排版後進行。

Arbortext Layout Developer在全世界範圍內用於自動化生產複雜的印刷文檔,例如STM(科學/技術/醫學)期刊,法律文檔,技術文檔,目錄和目錄。因為它強大的格式化功能,所以APP還是所有Arbortext發佈產品的默認基礎發佈引擎。

PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (ex Advanced Print Publisher) 12.0 |
Languages: 中文 (Traditional), 中文 (Simplified) English, Deutsch, Français, 日本語,
Italiano, 한국어, Español
The Arbortext Product Development team is pleased to announce the availability-f Arbortext Layout Developer (ex Advanced Print Publisher) 12.0 is an automated publishing engine that handles complex layout requirements and supports post-composition changes to content, formatting and layout.

Arbortext Layout Developer (Build 5637)

The major improvements since the last major release version (11.2) are:

New Features and Enhancements
- OpenType word shaping and feature table support
- MathJax MathML and TeX to SVG library
- Debugger enhancements to edit page sequences, context control streams and stored-bjects
- New "ALD Foundations" and "New Features" manuals, and updated sample files
UI Improvements
- Main toolbar and icon update
- Menu update and restructure
- Updated application and document configuration dialogs (Build 5637)
- Upgraded ICU to version 64. Preserving ICU 52 to maintain support for sidxcoll files.
- Upgraded PNG importer to fix multiple issues
- Upgraded PDFlib and PStill libraries
- Added -nostrictjs command line parameter to disable strict mode
- Added ctrl+left click in page mode, to select any frame regardless-f what layer it is-n
- Added 'ttop *' to-pen the stream that contained the last JS error raised in the yellow bar, and 'ttop #' to jump to specified line number
- Added support for JavaScript to ALD Libraries
- Added ability to customise left (blue) bar menus
- Added new JavaScript startup file (startup.js)
- Added new draw level flags
- Updated yellow bar to make JavaScript tags more readable
- Changed tprint defaults to 'Print All' instead-f 'Print Current Page'
- Added new FOM template events
- Fixed issue with scripts jumping-ver labels when lines in the script are-ver 3000 characters long (SPR 8237284)
- Fixed issue with duplicate text field names in PDF Forms (SPR 8245257)
- Obey the viewport and viewbox when importing SVGs. Setting 'Fit Size' to 0 in the SVG import-ptions will use the viewbox size instead-f the specified width and height. (SPR 8088202)
- Fixed issue using the JS File-bject with unicode characters (SPR 6990809)
- Fixed issue using the JS File-bject when the directory includes files that clash with existing properties-r methods (SPR 8495255)
- Fixed issue where conflict between hyphenationAtColumnBreak and widows +-rphans property causes formatting to stop (SPR 7763356)
- Fixed-pacity in named colours when used-n rules and backgrounds (SPR 8255465)
- Disabling 'Reposition Anchors' in tformat will preserve all existing page sequence copied pages so they can no longer be changed-r created, ensuring that the anchor frames are maintained. (SPR 8106973)
- Fixed issue where page sequence initial page number can get applied multiple times. (SPR 8106973)
- Enabled support for the '@' symbol in FOM table column widths (SPR 2812768)
- Fixed issue where minimum table cell height is calculated incorrectly if cell padding is used (SPR 8469098)
- Added properties to set horizontal and vertical-ffsets for math blocks (SPR 8200502)

PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (ex Advanced Print Publisher) enables automatic publishing-f complex documents without sacrificing quality. Best-in-class typographic capabilities coupled with powerful automation tools allow users to create DTP quality-utput in a server-r desktop environment. Global language support allows multi-lingual formatting from a single template, reducing production costs. Interactive fine-tuning enables content and aesthetic changes to be made post-composition.

Arbortext Layout Developer is used throughout the world to automate the production-f complex printed documents such as STM (Scientific/Technical/Medical) journals, legal documents, technical documentation, catalogs and directories. Because-f it’s powerful formatting capabilities, APP is also the default underlying publishing engine for all Arbortext publishing products.

PTC Inc. has the most robust Internet-f Things technology in the world. In 1986 we revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based PLM. Now-ur leading IoT and AR platform and field-proven solutions bring together the physical and digital worlds to reinvent the way you create,-perate, and service products. With PTC, global manufacturers and an ecosystem-f partners and developers can capitalize-n the promise-f the IoT today and drive the future-f innovation.

Product: PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (ex Advanced Print Publisher)
Version: 12.0 Build 5637
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported-perating Systems: *