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AIR Music Technology Drumsynth 500 v1.0.0 x64 新型鼓合成器軟件
來自Air的新型鼓合成器軟件,業界參考Strike for Avid Pro Tools的創建者,通過簡單,直觀的界面提供對所有電子鼓聲音的完全控制。 

美國羅得島州坎伯蘭市(2019年4月16日)-AIR Music Technology今天宣佈即將推出Drumsynth 500,這是一種用於任何DAW的電子鼓聲音虛擬樂器,或作為現場演出的獨立應用程序。
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基於Air Music Technology的傳統,為Avid Protools-Air創建了被Strike考慮的“參考鼓樂器”,與音樂傳奇人物Akai Professional和Alesis Drums合作,繼承了這一卓越的傳統。)

流行的500系列合成器模塊採用全新的軟件鼓合成器,可以通過易於使用的全面界面完全控制所有電子鼓聲音。來自AIR Music Technology的Drumsynth 500擁有為各種音樂風格創造無窮無盡的自定義電子鼓聲音所需的一切。

Building upon Air Music Technology’s heritage of creating Strike—considered “The reference Drum Instrument” for Avid Protools—Air has teamed up with music legends Akai Professional and Alesis Drums to carry on this legacy of excellence.

In the style of the popular 500 series synth modules comes an all new software drum synthesizer that delivers full control of all electronic drum sounds in an easy-to-use, comprehensive interface. Drum Synth 500 from AIR Music Technology has everything needed to create an endless variety of custom electronic drum sounds for all styles of music.
Drum Synth 500’s exclusive library has been produced by the sound design veterans behind the highly-acclaimed Air Music Tech Strike, Air Structure, Sonivox Big Bang, Akai Professional’s MPC and Alesis e-Drums. The goal was to provide an incredible mixture of vintage and all-new effects that pay homage to classic sounds while also pushing into new territory.

Using a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, electronic drumkit, or the user’s favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, Drum Synth 500 brings modern electronic drum sounds into musical productions or live playing.
To get you started, Drum Synth 500 gives you over 500 drum sounds, 500 drum samples, 50 drum kits and 500 MIDI drum loops which can be loaded into any DAW and used to kick-start your song or production.
It's a simple step to start shaping your own electronic drum sounds. Dig in deep with individual parameter control for all instruments or use our randomizer which make a drum sound for you with just one press of a button. Advanced users will find this to be a tweaker’s paradise to produce your own one-of-a-kind sound.

Drum Synth 500 is built on powerful all-new engine for live performance or studio use. For live performance, you can simply fire up our PC or Mac Desktop app and perform with no DAW required for distraction free performance. For studio use, all popular plugin formats are supported.
Drum Synth 500 is packaged into a beautiful user interface with no hidden panels for quick, fun creation of your own electronic drum sounds.
You deserve your own custom drum sounds and now you have the perfect tool to create them: Drum Synth 500 from AIR Music Technology.

8-channel electronic drum synthesizer with fully programmable drum sounds in the style of 500 Series rack modules.
Individual instrument channels for Kick, Snare, Hats, Clap, Toms, Percussion and two Sampler channels for any mono or stereo .wav audio file.
Load your own sounds into two separate Sampler channels, including loop, forward and reverse playback!
Easy to use interface with no hidden panels.
Randomize feature for quickly generating new electronic drum sounds with just one button press.
Works with any MIDI keyboard, pad controller or drum kit controller.
MPC Full Level and Note Repeat for each instrument channel
Three distortion effects (including new Bitcrusher and Decimate), 5 filters and 2 compressors per instrument channel!
Two reverb sends and two delay sends per instrument channel.
Huge Master channel includes three saturation effects, a convolution reverb, an algorithmic reverb, a stereo delay, a mono delay, a compressor and a unique Kill EQ circuit.

Platform: WiN64 - VST/AAX(MODiFiED)

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