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DICOM Anonymizer 1.11.0 dicom信息替換工具
DICOM Anonymizer是一款好用的dicom信息修改工具,有時候為了保護隱私我們需要對圖像的一些信息進行隱藏,使用這款軟件就可以進行處理了,支持替換、清空或者移除圖像的一些信息,支持raw、jpg、dicom等圖像格式,同時還支持使用命令行操作。

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DICOM Anonymizer is a simple to use software designed to read DICOM files and replace confidential information from the files, such as physician’s or patient’s name, institution or personal phone numbers. The information is not required in medical image processing, therefore, the software helps you anonymize the private data.

Identify private fields and tags
DICOM Anonymizer comes with a template list of tags and names that you know are featured in the uploaded files. The tags describe a category and a particular item that represents a piece of private information. These entries are the searching criteria the software relies on when scanning the selected DICOM files.
In other words, the software can search for tags like physician, patient, institution, phone numbers or personal addresses, in the uploaded files, then replace them with the indicated phrase. Each tag is assigned an operation and, optionally a replacement value.
Anonymize DICOM files in a short tim
Simply add the DICOM images to the list and set the series of tags, for anonymizing. The software supports RAW, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, RLE and several DICOM format pictures, that contain medical information and images acquired with special hardware. However, for medical image processing, anonymizing private data is required, so the software can help you fix the problem in a short time.
The software can easily handle batches of files and remove all private or retired tags, as well as replace the indicated fields with a custom phrase. DICOM Anonymizer comes with a pre-made list of tags and replacement values, but you may easily add your own entries or erase existing ones.
Integration with Windows Explorer
DICOM Anonymizer is easy to use and can perform the required task in a few seconds. All you need to do is set the tags and upload the files. Alternatively, you can enable the software’s integration with Windows Explorer and anonymize files without even opening DICOM Anonymizer. Moreover, the software can overwrite the original files or create new DICOM images at the selected location.

Replace patient's, physician's, and any other information with other strings you assigned.
You can also empty or remove privacy information from DICOM files.
Support RAW, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, RLE, and most of DICOM image formats.
Integrate with your Windows Explorer, so you can anonymize DICOM files with just one-click.
Include command-line tool: dcma.exe.