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Maintener 1.9.7252 一款輕量級的系統清理軟件

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Maintener is one such tool, and it offers you a quick and stress-free way of cleaning registry issues, removing junk files, and handling startup programs. Additionally, it brings to the table a duplicate file finder and cleaner, but only if you opt for the paid version.

Easy to install and effortless to get along with
Other than that, we have a lightweight and novice-accessible tool of this sort on our hands. It can be deployed on your computer's system with the minimum amount of effort thanks to a typical installer, provided that .NET Framework 4.5 or newer is present, of course.

Working with the app is a fairly straightforward affair, with you only having to choose the required sections and to click the appropriate scan buttons.

Clear junk files, remove registry issues, delete duplicates, and manage startup apps
The Junk Files section is probably the most complex of the lot as it allows you to declutter your PC by removing all sorts of temporary files, memory dumps, thumbnail caches, log files, as well as other types of junk files usually associated with browsers like Internet cache, history, cookies, and other login data.

The other two sections available in the unregistered version, Clean Registry, and Startup Manager are even simpler, with you only having to select any result in order to remove it from the associated list. Lastly, the self-explanatory Duplicated Files feature provides you with the possibility of locating dupes based on their file type and even their size.

Declutter your PC with the help of this straightforward cleaning tool
Taking everything into account, Maintener is a user-friendly tool that shouldn't have problems proving its usefulness if you choose to give it a shot. It packs enough tools to make it worthwhile, it's lightweight, it's fast, and it's quite accessible for even the most inexperienced users.

Locate and destroy unnecessary files that are slowing your PC down.
Remove unwanted items. Repair and optimize Windows registry.
Achieve faster Windows boot times by removing unwanted programs from startup.

Whats New:
– New installer for smoother updates
– Fixed Maintener updater bug where SSL connection could not be established

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.