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CAMWorks 2020 SP0 Build 2019.12.11 for Solidworks 2019-2020 一款基於直觀的實體模型的CAM軟件
CAMWorks是一款基於直觀的實體模型的CAM軟件,CAMWorks是SolidWorks 認定的加工/CAM軟件黃金產品,為公眾認可的SolidWorks設計軟件提供了先進的加工功能。作為SolidWorks第一款CAM軟件,提供了真正的基於知識的加工能力。CAMWorks在自動可加工特徵識別 (AFR) 以及交互特徵識別 (IFR)方面處於國際領先地位。CAMWorks提供了真正跟隨設計模型變化的加工自動關聯,消除了設計更新後重新進行編程上的時間浪費。

x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | 

Processing is carried out directly in the SolidWorks environment and directly on the SolidWorks model. The results of the programmer are stored in the same model part or assembly SolidWorks. This ensures complete associativity of the model and tool paths, which leads to automatic updating of all tool paths when making changes to the model. When adding any technological data to the SolidWorks model, such as roughness designations, bases, shape tolerances and surface locations, dimensional tolerances, the programmer always has direct access to them, which makes it easy to select the part based on the machine and select ensuring the specified quality of the tool part and cutting conditions.

The part can be easily adapted to the needs of processing by, for example, elimination of redundancies from the point of view of processing elements of geometry or by recalculating the executive dimensions of the model into the middle of the tolerance field. In SolidWorks assembly mode, you can perform joint processing of several parts, program processing a series of parts, or simply completely simulate all the real situation on the machine table — all the rigging, preparation of any complexity, and so on — to take the processing conditions into account at the earliest stages creating a program

CAMWorks 2020 SP0
Release Date / Year:2019
Version:2020 SP0
Developer:Geometric Technologies, Inc.
Interface language:Multilingual (Russian present)
Tabletka:Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)

System requirements:
preinstalled SolidWorks 2019-2020
MS Access 2010-2019 32/64 bit
Graphics 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32768 colors
Disk Space 10GB free
Memory 1GB + RAM (2GB recommended)
Whats New:

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