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Hetman Office Recovery 2.7 Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual 一款office文檔恢復工具
Hetman Office Recovery是目前工作中最優秀的一款office文檔恢復工具,對於工作中不小心誤刪除的office文檔,比如word、excel、pdf、txt、rtf、odp等文件,使用該軟件可以輕鬆的將文檔一鍵恢復。另外Hetman Office Recovery軟件採用了先進的數據恢復算法,操作採用了嚮導式指導,支持按文件大小搜索、支持按日期搜索、支持按文件擴展名搜索,能夠深度掃瞄的硬盤,幫助您將文件恢復出來,是辦公人員必備的好幫手。

Microsoft Office or OpenOffice Recovery Software. Lost one or more office documents after an accident? Formatted or repartitioned the disk containing important files? Hetman Office Recovery will help you get your documents back! Don’t know how to recover the documents? A step by step wizard will guide you through the entire recovery process!

Hetman Office Recovery is designed to help when your office documents go missing. Implementing a range of highly sophisticated low-level disk analysis algorithms, Hetman Office Recovery can retrieve the missing documents even if the disk is corrupted, inaccessible, or does not appear as a drive letter. A special extra-safe recovery more is available for heavily worn and physically unstable devices.

Using Hetman Office Recovery is just as easy as installing it. A step by step wizard guides you through the entire recovery process, helping you choose the right options to achieve maximum recovery rates. From simple undelete to heavy duty recovery, Hetman Office Recovery solves all your data recovery needs when it comes to office documents.

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