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My Metronome 1.0.3 MacOSX-mac音樂節拍器
對於喜愛音樂,學習音樂的人來說,保持穩定的節奏是非常的重要的,當然如何掌控節奏是個問題,使用蘋果電腦的小夥伴或許可以試試這款軟件——my metronome for mac版,這是一個簡單易用的音樂節拍器,可以幫助用戶穩定地提高自己的演奏速度,以舒適的節奏進行鍛鍊。這意味著可以在沒有錯誤的情況下進行鍛鍊,並且在使用過程中對每個音符充滿自信和肯定。支持通過滑動節拍器撥盤找到節奏,直到節拍器的速度與自己的速度相匹配,然後再慢慢的提高速度進一步鍛鍊自己的節奏。

If you are a professional musician or just a person who wants to learn how to play guitar or piano or how to dance, you probably know how important it is to keep a steady tempo, and the only thing which can help you is a metronome. But you need not just a metronome but our specially designed app My Metronome which will help you in your activities. Not only music but also such activities as jogging and even morning exercise become more become more effective with this metronome!

HOW TO USE: It is very simple just like classical metronome, you should choose beats per minute you need and you can change it if you want. Also you can change the beating measure and design!

My Metronome features:
- Modern design and convenient interface
- Precise guitar tuner
- Measure choice function
- Various sounds and sound kits for testing

Forget about beats per minute detector and beat counter, now all you need is My Metronome, the best and coolest rhythm counter for you!

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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