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Default Folder X 5.3.2 MacOSX-文件夾快捷訪問工具
Default Folder X 是一款 Mac OS X 上的文件夾快捷訪問工具,您可以訪問您最近的,最喜歡的,並打開文件夾的默認文件夾X的工具欄右側的內容。擴大你把鼠標移到他們的層次彈出菜單,讓您瀏覽您的文件夾,以獲取 你的文件。為了加快工作速度,您可以為您最喜愛的文件夾中的所有鍵盤快捷鍵分配。如果打開和保存對話框沒有打開,那麼你可以使用默認文件夾X的菜單 欄,Dock圖標,或鍵盤快捷鍵。

Default Folder X 5.x (Mac OS X) | 
Default Folder X - Extends the functionality of the Open / Save, attaching to it an additional panel. This toolbar provides quick access to various folders (favorites, last used, etc.), teams (management of files and folders in the window) and settings. In addition it is worth noting the possibility of a quick preview media files directly in the window.
Directory assistant
You can access the contents of your recent, favorite, and open folders right from Default Folder X's toolbar. Its hierarchical pop-up menus expand as you mouse over them, letting you navigate your folders to get to your files. To work faster, you can assign a keyboard shortcut for all of your favorite folders. If an Open and Save dialog isn't open, then you can use Default Folder X's menu bar, Dock icon, or keyboard shortcuts.
Real time saving
If you're constantly saving things inside the same folder, Default Folder X can remember that folder for you. You can even set a different default folder for each application you use. That way, you'll already be in the right folder when you're working.
Finder management  
Have you ever wanted to save a file to an open Finder window? Default Folder X lets you open up or save to any Finder window with a single click. It also lets you get info on, rename, and delete existing files, putting the Finder's power in every Open and Save dialog.
Instant Recall   
To help you quickly return to folders you've recently used, Default Folder X remembers them for you. It can even rebound to the last file you used in all your recent folders. With Default Folder X, you'll never forget where you put something.
Spotlight on the spot
Mac OS X delivers amazing search capabilities with Spotlight, but adding your own search keywords requires a trip to the Finder's Get Info window or to an application like Tags, Fresh, or Tag Folders. No more! Default Folder X lets you add Spotlight keywords, OpenMeta tags, and Finder labels on the spot, while you're still in the Save dialog. It even remembers keywords you've used before and automatically completes them as you type.
OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or later
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