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Registry Recon註冊表解析器
Registry Recon不僅僅是另一個註冊表解析器。我們開發了強大的新方法來解析RegistryData,這樣就可以重建Windows系統上隨時間推移而存在的註冊表,從而提供對RegistryData如何隨時間變化的獨特洞察。

Registry Recon is not just another Registry parser. We developed powerful new methods to parse Registry data so that Registries which have existed on a Windows® system over time can be rebuilt, providing unique insight into how Registry data has changed over time. Registry Recon provides access to an enormous volume of Registry data which has been effectively deleted, whether that deletion occurred due to benign system activity, malfeasance by a user, or even re-imaging by IT personnel.

One-Click Harvesting
Efficient collection of active, backed-up, and even deleted Windows Registry hives from forensic images

Registry Reconstruction
Automatic rebuilding of not only the active Registry, but Registries from previous Windows installations

Recon View
Harness the power of huge volumes of Registry information to see how Registries changed over time

What's new:
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