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Vero ALPHACAM Desinger 2019 R1 SU6 x64 - CAM軟件
alphacam是一款CAM軟件,可以幫助用戶在電腦上設計產品模型,現在很多設備都是在電腦上設計圖紙、設計模型、編輯加工代碼,通過在軟件預先分析設備,可以讓加工的時候一步完成,提高產品開發效率,這款vero alphacam 2019軟件是國外非常著名的CAM軟件,很多國家工程師都通過該軟件設計零件,開發部件,設計機床加工代碼,廣泛運用於醫療、運輸、航空、軍工等多個領域,為機械設備的開發提供了更專業的設計方案!

As a stand-alone, optional application for its CAM portfolio, the newly-available Designer enables users to create new designs or modify existing geometry from third party CAD systems.

John Buehler, from Vero Software, says Designer represents the CAD framework that will become the core modelling engine for all CAM applications. “It’s not dependent on having a series of parameters that drive it, or a feature tree. It provides a very quick, dynamic editing and modelling environment, where users simply sketch, drag, hold, push or twist, to create and modify models.

He says having this single and unified solution for solids-based designs gives Vero users the flexibility of receiving a CAD file from any source, for review or modification.

“Some modellers do not maintain adequate tolerances, so the models will often require a degree of repair – or if they’ve only been roughly modeled there may be gaps in the geometry. Designer allows users to read the native CAD data…clean up any poor geometry, close the gaps, stitch it into a solid, and then make modifications that are important to the CAM process, such as the suppression of features, or the modification of draft angles.

“Generally, those modifications do not impact on a part’s design or performance, but will make it more manufacturable.”

While Designer operates separately from the CAM system, there are triggers within it which will launch CAM, and there is full associativity between the two. “From fixture design to quick and easy part modification, Designer is truly the right CAD for CAM, by providing a full set of tools to fill the gap between the two.”

System Requirements:
We recommend you install the latest service packs for the supported operating systems.
System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

-Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional
-Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
-Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
-Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise

What's New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

Vero ALPHACAM Desinger 2019 R1 SU6 (x64)